45 Stories – 17. December 5

As I listen to these songs, some for the first time in over a year (such as this one), I feel like I’m listening to a different person. In a way, I am. When I wrote this song it came from a stream-of-conciousness style of simultaneous writing and recording. There’s not really a chorus, the song just takes some cool paths that seemed to make sense to us. The song’s title references the day I left the psych ward at the hospital where I was held for 4 days after my “mental health issue”. I was a new person when I left, and this song describes the ways I felt at that time. The song’s lyrics are somewhat abstract, but the picture we wanted to paint, was what we ended up painting. Although audio engineers may listen to this recording and hear some “flaws”, I think its elements create something that one can truly feel, even if the recording is imperfect.


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