45 Stories – 15. To Recognize a Liar

…and this song is about the night. Or at least what can happen when strange things align and linked events occur, at night.
One night, I received not one, but two text messages from ex-girlfriends. They were both written in a way that gave me a bit of a psychological mindfuck. I copied the texts, took some creative liberties, created a musical backdrop using Fred’s emotive chord progressions and arpeggios, and recorded this song by singing the messages with my own spin on how I received them.
“To Recognize a Liar” is a 3-part song; the first two parts have me singing from the perspective of each ex, respectively, and the third part is from my perspective.
Assembling this song took me through a mental journey that helped me understand why former lovers sometimes send text messages in the middle of the night. And it helped me recognize TWO liars.
Listen to this song with headphones…

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