45 Stories – 13. Guilt

When Fred and I wrote this song, I think we were initially intrigued moreso at the way we kept the instrumental elements incredibly simple and sullen; rather than being intrigued at the way the lyrics would end up affecting various people in our lives.
We have never put a huge emphasis on the promotion and marketing of our music because: a) we write and record so often, and b) we just kinda suck at it currently.
We’ll get there.
However, this song has brought out many different emotions in many different people, who have then told us their story. Even when I listen to it now, 3 years later, I still feel something strong. It feels like I’m listening to someone else’s life— or at least my own, from a completely different perspective.
The story behind this song is personal, but to talk about its details is to take away from the art within the song. “Guilt” came from the saddest and darkest of places, yet became a piece of music that I believe, and I’m sure Fred agrees, has been able to somehow help certain people feel their way through a similar experience.
“Guilt” is a song about suicide. It’s about losing someone close to you, and coming to terms with the reasons that brought them to a point at which they no longer wanted to live.

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