45 Stories – 10. Bleed Into the Sky

After the lowest lows, must come the highest highs. I wrote this song as a personal anthem to myself, in order to make sure I could continue putting my deepest, darkest emotions into our music. And keeping them there.
I NEVER expected such personal growth from this beginning of what Fred and I called “Spies Ascend”. We just wanted to hang out, make music, and possibly record it. What happened, turned us both into better people.
As I live my life, now at the age of 35, I think about all of my friends who have gone through their own respective struggles in life. I think about all of the adults in their 30s who may be holding in their experiences, as I did; until I found a way to turn it into art. If nothing else, I would hope that perhaps some day, those people- my friends, those near my age, or anyone feeling “stuck” or “trapped” in their early adult life- can hear the music of Spies Ascend. And then, maybe, learn to embrace the dark- and find their own way to turn it into art- and thus, LIGHT.

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