45 Stories – 5. Perfection

If “Water” was a question, “Perfection” was its answer. The last line of each chorus is the song’s main idea:

“I see perfection through my own eyes.”

No matter what you experience in life, you must look back at its “perfection”, no matter how negative it seems. With all of the bad, comes an equal amount of good, as long as you embrace both sides of it.

This song’s bridge attempts to use Music as a metaphor for this concept:

“Do you listen to my words, or only how I speak?
Do you tune me out, and separate the meaning from the melody?
If you look a bit deeper into these brushstrokes of sound, you may find-
That the harmony paints the picture, and turns it all around.”

An instrumental backdrop + lyrics = a duality that only Music can create.

Sometimes life’s “backdrop” can paint the true picture, and sometimes we miss that part of life. Music can bring it out through the abstraction that is lost in our everyday moments, as we obsess over a one-dimensional reality. This is why I love Music so much: We can use it to feel both the “melody” and “harmony” of life’s struggles.


This is also another doom song I wrote during the same timeframe as the verse/chorus to “Water”.  The chorus and bridge were meant to be played on distorted guitar when I originally wrote it. I think it came out nicely as an acoustic song. This was our first song to have percussion all the way through and the beginning of using more electronic sounds in our music.

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