45 Stories – 2. Maybe She Was Real

2. Maybe She Was Real

This was the second song Nenner and I recorded. My working title was “Guitar Opus”. I had written the main part of the song back in 2009 on a random creative whim. It was literally the only song I wrote from 2008 up until Spies Ascend started (these were dark, non-guitar-playing years). At this point our only goal with our music was to be “epic” and “sad”. In fact, that’s how we got our name. While Nenner and I were trading recorded ideas back and forth through email, he titled one of the files “Epic Sadness”, as an almost joking description of the sound of the music. Spies Ascend is an anagram for “Epic Sadness”. I then ended up writing an intro that attached to the main body of my song from 2009, and we truly felt we had a “Guitar Opus”. Nenner came up with the idea to put a record player effect on it and our second song was born.



“Maybe She Was Real” shows our love for long-form songs that are linear. We composed this piece with the intent of it sounding like a journey. The record player effect at the beginning, followed by the instrumental transition, attempt to create the feel of one’s remembrance of the past, and back again.

“Everyone says I’m a fool

They all think I’m lost

I’ve taken a chance that may break me apart

But I truly don’t mind the cost”

These opening lyrics, given a muffled, lo-fi effect, are the thoughts that take me back to the days right after I left my wife and dove into a new and unknown world. My life at that time was fueled by a desire to escape the hole I was in. I made many mistakes and learned many life lessons during this time in my life. The lyrics of this song in general are meant to start out with naivety, and then turn into true self-reflection as the song progresses. The song develops slowly as you listen, and the sonic qualities of each part become clearer and more crisp throughout; much like the way we learn from past mistakes, and gain clearer insight as time goes by.


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